Friday, May 29, 2009

may 29th: writing my blog via my blackberry and wifi

So I ended up finishing my lakecity assignment today. Ill be sad to go but I'm off to head office next thursday to start the next. Its been rough cuz work's been starting at 7am :o anyhoo I got myself a new pair of glasses :)

Monday I'm going to BMC for an information interview. Tmr is jazz time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

$49 million lottery

Maybe if I win the lottery tonight, I can donate some and the rest I can adopt as many cats as I want and live a big mansion in Burnaby with 10 cars.

I don't think I'd give any to my family, maybe my friends tho.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant Hastings St Burnaby BC

El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant

We need a quick bite to eat so decided to try the newly opened mexican joint that previously was called El Mexico or something. I previously tried lunch at El Mexico last year and I found it mediocre so I was skeptical about the new owners.

Sad to say, I was disappointed. We arrived at 6.45 and waited 10 mins for our server to get our orders. Mind you there was 1 server and 1 mgr? and they kept walking back and forth from the tables to the cash area getting drinks. It was clear to us there was no experience here. It seems they went to a table, forget something came back to the cash, grabbed something, went back to the table, went to another table, went back to the cash and back and forth every minute. It was very annoying.

After waiting 10 mins waiting, the waitress got our order and 5 mins later we got the compliementary chips. It was ok, the salsa and salsa verde were good. We ordered chicken fajitas, bbq pork and nachos as appy. I would expect an appy to come out usually 10mins from ordering. This wasn't the case, we got our nachos 25 mins later. We gobbled it up, and waited another 15-20 mins for our dishes. The BBQ pork in adobo sauce was basically vingery ketchup sauce poured on top of BBQ ribs. gross. My chicken fajitas looked like a chinese stir-fry with "red" sauce, bland, and full of water collected on the side of my dish. It came with beans which were nice and a dry cup of mexican rice. We had to ask for the tortillas as well.

Over an hour later, we were very disappointed, late and will never eat mexican food in a restaurant ever again. We have yet to try Dona Cata which I heard its ok.

I'll take Taco Del Mar anyday.

I didn't bother taking pics because I didn't want to waste space on my blackberry, plus you'd barf if you saw the food.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Retro plush dolls

Again my mom is on her menopausal rage and while I'm home not working, she's trying get out her frustrations by cleaning out this entire house. Today she started on the utility room, which means the room under the stairs.

She grabbed 3 bags of my plush dolls I've kept over the last 25 yrs. Here's a few I've kept around! I donated the rest~

(From left to right Theodore from Alvin and The Chipmunks(bought at Woolco), Smurfette, Twinkle from Rainbow Bright(bought at Woolco) and Papa Smurf. Above is Odie the Pound Puppy(probably brought at Sears) Also the Cabbage Patch Doll .. ugh.

13,500 karaoke to "Hey Jude" at Trafalgar Square

Love it !!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chicken Fried Chicken

My cat is the most moodiest cat that ever lived. He is your typical cat where he doesn't remember what happened 5 seconds before. I usually call him something related to the poultry family because he is so chicken over everything. He's chicken and I love fried chicken so I usually call my cat the following names, Chicken Fried Chicken, Chicken McNuggets, Mister Fizzles, Furtastic, Furball, Flea, Turkey, Sheckie Shabass, Moomoo, Mister Murphy, Bad Kitteh, Bad Furball, Angry Kitteh, or I just shriek cause I love him so cute.

I don't know what I'll do if I lose him, I'll probably give him the most grandest funeral. He's the reason my parents are still together at this point. I love Angry Kitteh!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Guy & Lauren Conrad

Ahhh.. the best of both worlds. I love Family Guy(but not as much as I love The Simpsons), Seth McFarlane is a comic genius. I totally get family guy and its inside jokes.. you gotta be pretty up to date with anything mainstream to understand family guy.

I admit, I love The Hills. Yes its a total waste of time but really for me its a 30 minute oasis to get away from my own reality.

Lauren Conrad will be lending her voice to the next Family Guy episode on Fox May 3rd. Can't wait for it !!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Another thing I cannot live without, my cetaphil cleanser. I have dry sensitive facial skin and finding a non-soap cleanser that cleans without drying the skin is difficult. I discovered Cetaphil just a few years ago and its been a staple of my skin regimen. I usually wet my face, slather it on and rinse off.

I only recommend this product for my dry skin friends out there that don't need the feeling of lather to be clean.

Oily skin friends, please stay away~

Garnier Fructis Leave-in Conditioning Cream Sleek & Shine

I bought this Fructis Leave-in conditioner at Shoppers Drug Mart when it was sale for $2.99. (I think its usually $4.99??). I cannot live without this hair product. It makes my dry and over-colored hair nice and soft afterwards. As soon I get out of the shower I take a quarter sized amount and put it in my hair. I think it smells like papaya and I love it, it always detangles my hair and never leaves a greasy feeling.

Recommended !!!

Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Microbead Cream Scrub

The more I blog about my products, the more I notice wow.. I love Garnier~

This time is the Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Microbead Cream. I bought this because I loved the Garnier green cleansing wipes. Somedays you feel like your cleanser isn't doing much(its more like you need to exfoliate your face) and thats when I pull out this scrub. Its a white pasty thick cream with tiny green and white bubbles to scrub your face. This scrub is never drying to my face and never irritating. I usually use it once a week or whenever I feel like my usually cleanser needs a kick. I usually use it in the shower while the conditioner is on.

Totally recommend it !

The Body Shop's Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

Peppermint Foot Spray

I believe I have Grierson-Gopalan syndrome aka Burning Feet. It got so bad last summer I went to go see my family doctor and there is no cure for it. Every night I would go to bed and try to sleep with my burning feet. It just feels like the bottom of your foot is just so hot and it feels like its on fire but if you actually touch your feet its not hot at all. I heard its something that affects your nerves and not the actual temperature of your feet.

Its more a nuisance than anything else because you can't fall asleep easily because your feet just feel like they are on fire.

I checked out the peppermint foot spray and people, it does not work. Sure it keeps your feel smelling fresh but it doesn't cool. It smells like peppermint but doesn't have any menthol cooling action. Its mostly made out of alcohol which is fine because alcohol somewhat helps with cooling down your feet but days later you're stuck with dry peeling skin on your feet because of the alcohol.

I don't recommend this product but hey it takes away the stink from your feet.

Go Canucks Go !!

Ok, I'll be honest with you. I don't watch hockey, sure its tolerable to watch it but I don't follow it. Going to the home games is exciting but I really do need John Shorthouse talkin in my ear or its just pucks and sticks slapping for 2 hrs.

If the game is playing on TV, as soon as hubby goes to the washroom or isn't in the room I immediately turn the channel to MTV or the E! channel. I rather watch THS: The David Hasselhoff Story than watch 2 hours of hockey. Because I live in Vancouver I'm still about supporting the canucks but I ain't going to watch a full game unless there's alcohol and food flowing~