Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from the grave

Its a dreary night here in Vancouver and I've caught a cold. I keep thinking about the past, like stuff from 10 years ago. I feel young but numerically, I'm a married cougar(good lord!).

Many thoughts through my mind, like hanging out a pool halls, ricers, eating at 24 hour chinese food joints, karaoking, bubble tea'ing, smoking marbs, drinking china white shooters, taiwanese food, pho, raves, Lesters, .. the list goes on.

Its not like I wanted to go back to doing those things but really I miss being young and free.


Looks like the last time I posted was the same time I started my 4 month stint at MV covering somebody's leave of absence. Well its been 4 months and I completed my stint.

Within those 4 months, I met some great coworkers and I'll probably miss them a lot. I thought I'd be out on the streets after my assignment ended but good news... I won a permanent position within MV. This is rare because I heard horror stories were people waited anywhere between 4-10 years to becoming permanent. Like they say, the only way to get a position at MV is if somebody retires or dies. true story.

Its been a busy 4 months.. hence coming back and updating my blog.

I'm not sure what's in store for me in the future but its pretty scary thinking about it. I'm off to LCOC for the next 4 days, then permanently going to SCFP and supporting the people out there.

My short-term goal at this point is trading in the Civic and getting myself a nice pickup truck and running over pedestrians. I've already gone back to my roots and highlighted my hair blonde(you can't tell by the pic tho). I might as well start fresh with a fresh new look..