Saturday, October 23, 2010

On your marks, ready, set, GO!

Here I am coming into my 20th week of being pregnant. Its the half way point folks!!

I have to say this week has been one of the sorer weeks. I was home Monday - Wednesday, cramping Thursday and well Friday.. I couldn't wait for the day to pass. Luckily I got to go home early from work cause they were cutting cement right beside the HVAC system and basically it smelled like being in a locked garage with the car running. That is no place for a pregnant woman to be LOL! I booked it out of there fast.

I've been asking the other 3 girls at work who are preggos if they experiencing the same cramping and my suspicions are correct, it must be the uterus expanding. GREAT.

The nightmares and bad dreams have been occurring daily and it hasn't been fun. Last week was a pretty bad one, the one and only time I didn't wake up screaming that my house wasn't being robbed or I wasn't being kidnapped. good lord.

My appetite is still little to non-existant. I have no cravings and if it was up to me, I wouldn't eat period. Eating makes me feel gross and the only point I am eating is because of the baby. blah.

I made some lentils last night because I refuse to eat meat. I loved my steaks rare and my prime rib bloody but during this whole pregnancy, the thought of an animal cooking just makes me hurl. Lets not mention dairy or eggs. errrrrrr.

Anyways I'll leave with a picture of Robert wearing Furfur's hand me down Halloween sweater ;-)