Monday, May 30, 2011

Palty Japanese Foam Hair Color

I'm a hairdresser by trade. I got my license after I graduated highschool, practiced color technician for a few years and quit. Since I still have my license I professionally color hair on the side for my mom and anybody else who asks. I kinda stopped doing hair because I had pictures of what I wanted somebody's hair color to be but then the client would get all scared and my creativity juices would just get killed.

I work for the government'ish now so I've done a 180 since hairdressing LOL

Anyways, I'm always up for trying out new hair color. I've probably tried every drugstore hair color on the market. I have recently found japanese hair dyes. I dropped by a local chinesey trendy store and picked up a box of Palty Foam hair color in custard beige. I can't read japanese so I did my best from the instructions I saw. Afterwards I did some googling and found out I didn't shake the water base properly but whatever~

FYI, I previously bleached out my hair with goldwell bleaching creme with 12% peroxide. And my hair is naturally curly and I flat-ironed it today morning so its looks a bit frizzy.

Here are the before and after pics!

Past pictures of my nails

Its been 2.5 months now since I've had my daughter. It was a rough pregnancy and rough labor and delivery, and a very tough postpartum. Now I feel like I'm coming out of my shell again and wanting to do my nails again just to feel fresh and new. I did my nails a few years ago when I got married in 2009. I had them done every month for a year and I loved them. I usually got gel nails as they were the most comfortable. I had acrylics done once and they were very lovely but painful.

My nails are done by Grace by Graceful Beauty. You can find her work here: