Friday, April 24, 2009

Japanese Nail Art for my Wedding

I don't know what I was doing in the past 3 years but I guess my head was under a rock all this time... because I have JUST recently discovered japanese nail art. If somebody told me about japanese nail art 3 years ago.. my life probably would of change. OK.. not really BUT I'd probably be a happier person.

Just before my wedding in March I decided to get my nails done which I have never done before. Being a daughter of immigrant parents, growing up your mom doesn't really tell you about the birds or the bees, or if you should get your nails done, your hair highlighted or your eyebrows waxed, probably because immigrant parents are working 99% of the time and we were all raised as latched key kids.

I decided a week before I would go on craigslist vancouver to find some deals in their beauty section. Lo and behold, I found a lady named Grace from Gbeauty nails that does these wonderful nail art. I booked an appt the day before the wedding, and 2 hrs and 45 mins later, my nails were the talk of the day! I took the same nails with me to mexico, and through sun, the saltiest ocean water, sand, heat.. whatever mexico is,.. they survived.

Definitely recommend Gbeauty nails!

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