Thursday, April 30, 2009

The next chapter in my life..

It's been really sinking into me lately that I'm actually married. I'm legally tied to my hubby @vancitycanuck. We are in a legal union together, we're in it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are now husband and wife. Its still hard calling J "my husband", I usually start coughing because I can't believe I'm saying the word Husband haha.

After the wedding, I started to realize a few things. I'm 30, and married. What the heck am I doing still chatting with immature people?

It hit me suddenly one day, somebody on my msn list sent me a link of something incredibly funny and incredibly immature. Sure, I found it funny for a second and after that second I found him/her and the joke very immature. A million throughts ran through my head, and I still thought about it everyday.. until I wanted to get it off my chest today and write about it on this blog. I realized this person is a source of immaturity and will always be until I stop communicating with him/her. From that day on, I just decided to avoid the immaturity and move on with my life and move on from those kinds of people.

This all ties into the question that gets asked me to time and time again after I got married.. "Do you feel any different now that you're married?"

The answer is Yes. Now that I'm married, I feel some topics and some people are more immature than others. I'm trying to put things very diplomatically here but I've had discussions with my married friends lately and I think being married brings on certain mature tendancies on how you view life. It's a different feeling. The funny thing is that after a few aquaintances of mine got married, they kinda turned "snobby" in my eyes. Now I can see where they were coming from. Once you get married, you do find certain persons lifestyles a bit immature. Its a feeling that you would rather not socialize with them sober.

Knowing that you're married and equally responsible now for somebody that is not your blood relative is very sobering. This also goes with having a baby, I would imagine having a baby is the more sobering experience in anybody's life and koodos to those who have kids(trust me, my biological clock is tickin right up there!).

A new chapter in my life.. another step in my adult life.

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